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Because sometimes there are no words to describe the stories that have long become secrets. Muted memories of an unequivocal hell cloaked in ravenous darkness. And so they remain untold. Stifled screams. Swallowed cries. A spreading night of remembrance lay in my belly. Long kissed goodbye. Only to rise with the tide. The sun. The [...]

The Ugly Truth Behind Pedophile Rings

Just a note to inform I wrote this blog approximately 6 weeks ago. But given it’s heavy content and the way in which it heavily impacted my soul, I haven’t been able to go back to it. I’ve been approached by several journalists asking to interview me. I’ve declined every one of them because what […]

Finding Grace

There are times when I am asked what the greatest privilege afforded to me as a published author has been. Always a tricky question because I don’t really see myself as an author with a book, but more an individual with a story I am sharing for a greater purpose. In a recent interaction I had with a woman who has contacted me several times now after reading my book, I sat back and realised I am finally able to answer that question.

This is me… Love me or Leave me

I’ve not posted anything like this before because I’ve not fully identified as anything. I don’t give it a lot of thought to be honest. But when Ruby was talking about gender fluidity and…

An Open Letter to the Media

The media has taken from me, exactly what my father robbed me of as a child. The media has continued to inflict upon me the same emotional suffering my father repeatedly caused. And like my father and every man who paid to rape and dehumanise me when I was a little girl, the media continue to do the exact same thing…

Stepping Back Into Life

Life can be messy and ugly and painful. Exhausting, unforgiving and cruel. When it hurts so much, you just wish you had the guts to end it. I get it. I’ve been there. But there is more…

The Impact of Flying on Broken Wings

It has been one month since my book’s release and the response has been absolutely overwhelming. So far I have received hundreds of emails, comments and messages. People reaching out to share their story or simply tell me about the impact my book has had on them. These messages continue to pour in daily. For […]

Points of Light

September 20 1996 my journey began. Exactly 18 years ago today, I tasted freedom for the first time in my life. Stepping off of that plane, I didn’t know a soul and it was the best feeling in the world. And now, nearly two decades later, I am experiencing freedom again – but in a […]

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The Sharing of a Secret

Feel the fear and just go on and do it anyway! The most amazing outcome may be awaiting you. A defining moment in your life could pass you by because you allowed yourself to give in to your fears. I almost did…

The Color of A Million Midnights

Although this has not been my own personal experience, it so easily could have been. And so I write this poem to honour the women, who at some point in their lives stopped seeing the world in color. The Color of A Million Midnights Little girl lost. I see your struggle. I feel your pain. […]

A Mother's Love

I received another amazing review for my book yesterday. This one came from my mom’s boss in Canada. Her words meant so much to me because my biggest fear in putting our story out there, is how people will perceive my mother. So when the one person who loved my mom like I did, read […]

My Memoir pre purchase link

My Memoir pre purchase link Flying on Broken Wings will be out this October in Australia and New Zealand but you can pre order where ever you live and receive free delivery. To be honest with you, I am feeling a range of emotions – fear, pride, terror, excitement, relief, anticipation, anxiety, joy. But, I […]


My book is coming out this October! As many of you may know, I have decided to use my lived experience with the intention of becoming a beacon of hope for others lost in the sorrows they harbour in their mind as a result of past abuse. I want people to know that recovery from deep personal […]

Not Letting Moments in Life Define You

“The Cave You Fear To Enter Holds The Treasure You Seek” – Joseph Campbell   Joseph Campbell was an American scholar, mythologist, writer and lecturer. In his book “The Hero With a Thousand Faces” first published in 1949, Campbell uses mythology to illustrate the ‘call to adventure’ bestowed upon all of us. ‘A hero ventures […]

Courage is Contagious

Last week Melinda Tankard Reist invited me to present with her to a group of Year 10 students at a Melbourne girls’ school. I had written a blog post a few days prior to my visit and couldn’t bring myself to publish it. I felt too vulnerable, too exposed. I promised myself that if the girls’ […]

Little Girl Lost – If I Knew Then What I Know Now

Last week I shared my story for the first time so candidly with a group of grade 10 girls. A few days prior to the school visit I had written my most vulnerable blog entry but hadn’t the courage to publish it. I figured, if I was brave enough to share it with the girls […]

A Canadian Refugee’s Reunion with the Woman Who Helped Secure Her Freedom

According to the Australian Parliamentary Library, in 1998, the year I applied for refugee status, there were 8257 protection visa applications lodged. Of that number, only 1834 were granted – 985 at the primary decision stage and 741 following review by the Refugee Review Tribunal. 108 were granted visas by ministerial discretion. One of those […]

2013 The Year of Courage – How Brave Am I Willing To Be To Help Inspire Enduring Change In The World?

I have decided to stand up and use my lived experience to inspire others who have been traumatised and let them know it is possible to come out whole on the other side of anything, and show them how I did it. I survived being sold into a child pedophile/pornography ring when I was 9 […]

Using my life to be one that inspires.